About David

David Szpunar has been on the Internet since 1993 (off and on, not 24 hours per day) and has been blogging in one form or another (and off and on) since 2004. He also wrote the Lakeview Information Technology blog as the Network and Systems Manager at Lakeview Church in Indianapolis, Indiana until early 2010, when he took a new position as Lead Engineer at PC Help Services, which turned into¬†into the Vice President of Technical Services role where he remains presently. Still supporting Lakeview Church and now even more churches, plus other small businesses, he doesn’t have much time to blog but might start posting random stuff here when ¬†Twitter’s 140-character limit is slightly too limiting. You can often find him on Twitter as @dszp, where he sometimes tweets and often retweets (but mostly interesting stuff of course), though Facebook is sucking him slowly in (darn those longer posts and comments!).