Today is iPhone Day!

For me at least. My iPhone has arrived at the AT&T store, finally (I ordered it on July 17th!) and I’m going to pick it up later this evening. I wish I could go and get it now, but I’ll wait ’til after work. I already posted a bit on my Lakeview blog, so I’ll wait to post more here until I actually get it!

iPhone Cometh, I Speweth Here

I’m getting an iPhone soon, it’s been ordered! I already mentioned it on my Lakeview Church IT blog. I’ve already downloaded over 70 of the free applications from the iPhone Apps Store to iTunes so I can try them out (and I may get some paid programs, but not until the iPhone is in-hand!). When I try the apps, what happens if I want to post a review or a rant? I don’t want to take up space on my Lakeview InfoTech blog with a ton of iPhone posts (there will probably be a few anyway), so I’m going to put them here. That should give me an iPhone outlet while keeping the non-iPhone-ers that read my Lakeview blog happy as well! Sound like a plan? Doesn’t really matter does it? It’s what I’m going to do! But you can always comment if you think otherwise :-)

Warmer Weather

Looking at the forecast for the next few days it looks like it’s going to finally be a bit warmer. I’m looking forward to it! But the April Showers are starting a bit early…

David’s Personal Blog Official Welcome

Hi, I’m David Szpunar, and this is one of my blogs. Right now, it’s my personal one, where I plan on putting odds and ends that don’t really fit anywhere else. I started this blog back in November of 2004 but after over a year of no updates, I decided to archive my old content and start fresh. I’m the Network and Systems Manager at Lakeview Church, where I’ve been cataloging my IT journey in my Lakeview Information Technology blog for just over a year. For now, you should go and check it out!

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